“Ten for Ward” #8 at StarTrek.com: Ten Favorite Kirk Fight Scenes

While I was off frolicking in Houston (more on that soon. I promise!), the good folk over at StarTrek.com saw fit to make available for public consumption the latest installment of my irregularly recurring blog series for them, “Ten for Ward.” For those new to the series, I’m invited on occasion to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can think up whenever my editor asks me for a new column.

This time around, I take a turn toward the whimsical as I offer up a list of my favorite examples of the singular fighting style that is “Kirk Fu.” We’re talking the Gorn, Khan, Gary Mitchell, drill thralls, even Spock himself. Oh my!

That’s right…you can already hear that awesome Star Trek fight music, can’t you?

Ten for Ward #8 – Ten Favorite Kirk Fight Scenes

Feel free to share your own favorites, either over there or right here in the comments. I’m also open to suggestions for future columns, if you think you have a snazzy idea or two.

Thanks as always to my editor and other good people at StarTrek.com who provide not only a space for me to do my thing, but also the pictures and other links which help to spice up the whole package. You can check out all of the “Ten for Ward” columns just clicking on this rather swank-looking logo-type thing:

So, who’s got more to add to the list?


About Dayton Ward

Freelance word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. I know where my towel is.
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2 Responses to “Ten for Ward” #8 at StarTrek.com: Ten Favorite Kirk Fight Scenes

  1. archersangel says:

    kirk fights with “himself” in star trek 6: the undiscovered country. some psychologist would have something to say about that i think.


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