Where’s My Book? The 2013 Edition!

It’s been a few years since I tried this, but with summer vacation season now upon us, I figured, “What the hell.”

Back in 2009, I was inspired by an e-Mail I received from a reader who had come across a copy of In the Name of Honor, my first Star Trek novel from way back in 2002, after finding it on a vacant seat on the bus she rode home from work that day. This, plus a fun exercise Wil Wheaton had done earlier that year gave me the idea to bug my readers in an odd way.

So, here’s the deal: If you’re reading this and plan to take one of my/our books with you to read (paperback or e-Book edition), let’s see some pictures! Have Minnie Mouse pose for a photo op with it. Stick it in the shark’s mouth at Universal Studios. Lean it up against that sandcastle you’re building on the beach. Maybe the guard outside Buckingham Palace will let you prop it up against his boot for a shot. Hand it to stripper. Make one of my fellow writers pose with it at Shore Leave (profane hand gestures optional). If you live near something unique or unusual, let’s see a shot with that. Go nuts. Extra points awarded for originality as well as sheer lunacy.

Examples from the previous attempt (Click to Biggie Size):

For the moment, you either can post pics here (or to FB or Twitter, if you’re reading this through those venues), or e-Mail me directly. If we can get some fun responses, I’ll set up a dedicated blog post to track the entries. We’ll hold a poll to pick the best/favorite pic, and the owner(s) will get some kind of prize.

Questions? Hit me in the comments.

So, anybody game?


44 thoughts on “Where’s My Book? The 2013 Edition!

        1. I have read the first three, then got behind. I did read/the last one. I want to get back to them, but y’all keep writing new ones… Hahaha!


        2. Ah, well now that the series is concluded, you should be able to catch up. Keep this story in mind as you get to the later installments 🙂

          Also, our novella in Seven Deadly Sins might be of interest to you.


        3. I have read some of those, as well… But-I got that about the time the latest CJ Sansom book came out. I don’t know if a hunchback lawyer/detective in Henry VIII’s day would be your cup of tea, but the Matthew Shardlake Mysteries are absolutely terrific. Truly outstanding…
          I will checkout your Romulan tale in 7 Deadly Sins, though… Will have Interphase 2 done tonight.


        4. Ahhh… I see, now-how the VANGUARD series and ‘The First Peer’ tie-in with Interphase. Also-I found a surprisingly almost-new copy of ‘Tales From the Dominion War’ at a used bookstore, a few days ago. I see there is a USS da Vinci story there, as well.
          I read the complete ‘Mere Anarchy’ saga, too; it was a very good story and quite entertaining. Love those time-jumping stories; especially this series.
          I’ve been meaning to ask, if you’ve read ‘The Cold Equations’ series, and-what you thought of it? I thought it was masterful and it opens so many possibilities for the Soongs… Hmmm… Could Data make an appearance in ‘The Fall’?? I know-I have to wait…


        1. Nope, the guidelines are for pics of books in some odd/interesting place while on vacation or otherwise traveling. If the Andorian had been reading the book in front of Disneyland, we might have something. 😉


        2. It *was* 4th July, and I put in an American flag for you. (As for “odd/interesting place”, it was shot in my toilet. On my toilet.) Still not helping, huh. 😉


  1. I will try very hard to remember to slip my copy of IN THE NAME OF HONOR into the luggage for my trip to Curacao next week. And there it shall be imaged! An upside to this for me is that it will force me to organize a closet, because I fear my copy of that book is in a buried box of Trek novels. But I will find it!


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