Catching up – More info about Star Trek: The Fall from

I’ve been a bad blogger these past few days. Chalk it up to being busy with work, as well as a fast-approaching deadline for the current novel-in-progress, which is due to my editor next week.

Speaking of said novel — that being Peaceable Kingdoms, the fifth of the upcoming five-book mini-series coming from Pocket Books later this year, Star Trek: The spent a bit of time and effort pimping the series over the holiday weekend. For those of you who might not yet have seen the results of this pimping, that’s what bad bloggers like me are for.

First, there was this piece, which focused on the series’ overall storyline (no spoilers!), with an emphasis on author David R. George III, who’s writing the first book, Revelation and Dust. I yammered a bit about that a bit, myself, back on May 25th: First look at Star Trek: The Fall, courtesy of

To augment that coverage, took some time to talk to artists Andrew Probert and Douglas Graves, the good folks responsible for designing the look of the new Deep Space Nine space station. Both gentlemen have rather distinguished Trek resumes.

They also chatted with the one and only Doug Drexler, Emmy and Oscar-winning makeup and visual effects artist, who among his many notable accomplishments also found time to provide all of the cover art for the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series and also shepherds each edition of the yearly Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar. Mr. D is now providing cover art for each of the Fall books.

You can read both articles by setting course for Doug Drexler Talks About The Fall Andy Probert and Douglas E. Graves Talk The Fall

So, we’ve got a new station and some swank looking models and book covers. I guess we just need some books, now, eh?

:: checks watch ::

Time for me to get back to work.


7 thoughts on “Catching up – More info about Star Trek: The Fall from

  1. I’m very excited for this. With you writing the finale, I expect there’s going to be some jaw-dropping bombshell in there (a la Paths of Disharmony) that’ll drive us nuts for months until a followup novel comes out. Good times!


    1. I’m not looking to “top” Paths, but the end of the book and the series will mark some changes for TNG novels going forward. I guess we’ll just have to see what we’ll see. 🙂


  2. No, not Picard going to pension… Oh well… Bring Sisko to the Enterprise then, or I don’t know, I just hope that the editors don’t screw up the Star Trek Universe for good…


  3. I’m gearing myself up for deaths and promotions, but I know it’s gonna be a helluva ride… I love the new-station art; do you know if anymore pics are available anywhere? Can’t wait for this series, but-first…’From History’s Shadow.’ Come on 7/30; tired of that ‘PREORDER’ label over the corner…


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