Pimping my friends – ReDeus: Beyond Borders!

Last year, friends Bob Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, and Aaron Rosenberg invited me along with several other writers to join them in their new venture, ReDeus, a shared-world setting they had created with a simple conceit: “The gods have returned to Earth. All of them.”

Working together and with Bob, Paul, and Aaron shepherding the whole thing, the first anthology in this new universe, ReDeus: Divine Tales was released last summer. So far as I’ve been able to tell, the book’s been pretty well received, and since then the trusty trio has been planning further books in the series.

2013 will see (at least) two new anthologies, the first of which now is available!

ReDeus: Beyond Borders

Here’s some cover copy action for ya:

The gods have returned, taking up residence where they once trod the Earth, reclaiming lands that were theirs. And they demand that descendants of their original worshippers return home and continue their devotion.

This isn’t easy for the gods or the humans.

Some countries grow dark, disconnected from the world. Some nations collapse, merged back into an earlier empire. Some people are uncertain where they should go and become caught in a devotional tug of war. Others still hold to personal beliefs and dare to defy their ancestral deities.

Some gods are readily recognizable, others lost to human memory. Some are content to reclaim their old homes, while others scheme to usurp lands and potential followers, threatening a world war the likes of which cannot be imagined.

One thing is certain, however. When gods roam the world, the world can never be the same.

In addition to Bob, Paul, and Aaron, authors making a return engagement after Divine Tales include Phil Giunta, William Leisner, Scott Pearson, Lawrence M. Schoen, and Steven H. Wilson. New additions to the ReDeus cabal for this collection of 13 stories include such voices as Lorraine Anderson, Kelly Meding, Steve Lyons, David McDonald, and Janna Silverstein.

A second anthology, ReDeus: Native Lands, is due out later this year, and will include a brand-new story by my writing partner and hetero life-mate, Kevin Dilmore. Though I wasn’t able to get in on the fun for these two books, I’m hoping to return to the ReDeus sandbox at some point, as I definitely want to revisit the character I created for my Divine Tales story.

For now, though? Congrats to Crazy 8 Press and everyone who worked to create Beyond Borders. The book is available in both print and e-Book formats:

Order from Amazon.com!
Amazon Kindle e-Book
Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book

So…you know…go and check it out, whydontcha?

2 thoughts on “Pimping my friends – ReDeus: Beyond Borders!

  1. Back in 1981 I wrote a TV pilot called “Olympus”‘ wherein Zeus banished all the gods to live in NY or Los Angeles. It was a sitcom. A little different, I think. I’ll have to check your series out. I really like the concept. Mine … Um … Didn’t sell. 🙂


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