Your moment of TrekZen*.

A long time ago, in a comic far, far away…this happened:


Writer of Stuff Peter David, with the able assistance of artists Tom Sutton and Ricardo Villagran, conspired to bring us what arguably is the one of the greatest sequences ever to grace the page of any comic EVAH.

(That’s right: Hyperbole is free here at The Fog of Ward.)

This comes from issue #51 of DC’s first run of Star Trek in June 1988. A member of the crew who possesses telepathic powers if afflicted with a disease that results him start to project hallucinations into other people’s minds. Hilarity ensues.

Star Trek was frequently referenced throughout the run of Berkeley Breathed’s classic 1980s comic strip, Bloom County, so a hat tip going the other way seemed appropriate, right?

Dang. Now I want to reread Bloom County.

(* = with acknowledgments–and apologies–to The Daily Show)


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