Restored shuttlecraft Galileo bound for Houston!

Regular readers (both of you) know that–on occasion–I’ve babbled a bit about the shuttlecraft Galileo set piece from the original Star Trek series. Believed lost to time several years ago, the full-size mockup was “discovered” late in 2011, and auctioned in mid 2012 to a group of fans committed to its complete and proper restoration.

The Galileo mockup, as it appeared on set for the original Star Trek series.

And as it appeared at a convention in 1986, after an earlier restoration and prior to its “disappearance.”  (Photo Credit: Me, and my crappy 1986 camera)

After several months of painstaking work, the restoration effort is nearing completion, and is now reporting that the refurbished Galileo will be making one final trek, this time to Houston and NASA’s Johnson Space Center Museum. ‘Star Trek’ Shuttlecraft Galileo Warps to Houston Museum This Year

I’m looking forward to possibly getting down that way. Not only is visiting the Johnson Space Center on my Bucket List, but laying eyes on the shuttle for the first time in nearly thirty years would also be great fun. I can’t wait to see how great a job Adam Schneider and his team did with the restoration. It’s enough to give this old-school Trekkie a big ol’ fanboy tingle from head to toe.


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