Packaging prose with Blu-rays?

Today, I stopped at my local Target store to grab some lunch. Their deli section has some decent salads, sandwiches, and other selections, and I’ve acquired a taste for this buffalo chicken wrap thing they make every day.

Don’t worry: This isn’t one of those updates giving you folks insight into my eating habits. After all, that sort of thing is what Twitter and Facebook are for.

Anyway, since it’s Tuesday (aka “New Movies!” day), I decided to swing through the electronics/media section to see if anything looked interesting. Among the new releases was the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher flick, which I didn’t see when it was in theaters. What caught my eye–and this only is available at Target, apparently–was that if you buy the Blu-ray from them, you also get a print version of “Second Son,” a Reacher short story author Lee Child wrote as an e-Book original back in 2011. The paperback version of this story actually looks pretty slick, bundled as it was with the Blu-ray packaging.

I know there have been instances of special edition comics or graphic novel excerpts being bundled with something like one of the super hero/comics movies, and some titles even include digital versions of such things (example, the recent release of the 2-part Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), but this is the first time I can recall a prose title like this being given a special print run and packaging for bundling in this manner. Maybe this has been going on for a while now and it’s just escaped my notice. Regardless, I found the idea rather intriguing.

So, listen up, Hollywood-types: If you want to option the movie rights and do your thing, I’ll happily write new Last World War material for packaging with the DVD/Blu-ray release when the time comes.

Just sayin’.

Are there other examples of this kind of thing that I’ve missed?


4 thoughts on “Packaging prose with Blu-rays?

  1. Not exactly the same thing, but I was sent a book version of a Destroyer ebook, a few bound only for for review purposes. That it was autographed by authors Murphy and Courtois was an extra bonus


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