Free Comic Book Day 2013!

And so it was on the first Saturday in May that GeekDad embarked once more on his noble quest, accompanied by his two offspring, to ye olde local comic book shoppe to partake of the annual festivus….


In addition to being Free Comic Book Day, it also was “Star Wars Day.” You know, “May the 4th Be With You,” and so on and so forth. Stormtroopers and Darth Vaders were out and about.

As they’ve done the past several years, my local comic shop, Pulp Fiction Comics and Games, runs a canned food drive in conjunction with the annual Free Comic Book Day. Basically, it works like so: Anyone who comes into the shop is allowed up to three books from the rather expansive selection of freebie titles. For each canned good you bring in, you can get an additional book.

On our way to the shop, we stop at the grocery store and I let the girls pick out a dozen canned goods each. No raiding our pantry for stuff we don’t want or which has somehow lingered past any expiration date. The drive benefits a local food pantry. Once the kids hand over their bags of cans to the shop owner, they’re basically allowed to run the table, which is fortunate as my shop pretty much orders copies of everything available for each year’s event. As has become the norm each year, there was a respectable selection of age-appropriate books for the girls to check out. They each came away with eight or nine titles which caught their eye. Kevin came along for the ride and also donated some cans, and we all came away with a few books, ourselves. Even though I’d already picked up my weekly haul back on Wednesday, I also dropped a few bucks on a book that grabbed my attention.

Once our quest was completed, the four of us decided that it was time to satiate our appetites, which was done by dining on the Wild Wings of Buffalo. Now sufficiently fueled for the next leg of our journey, we made the transit across the border to Kansas to check out a couple of shops over on that side of the state line. I managed to acquire a couple more titles which had eluded me earlier in the day, and also spent a few dollars here and there, because I couldn’t resist.

Finally, after their extended stint of excellent behavior and good manners all through the day, we escorted the girls to the promised land–better known by its colloquial designation, “Toys R Us.” They had some gift money burning a hole in their pocket, so I let them go a little wild with that.

As always seems to happen when Kevin and I are in the car for any length of time, we started brainstorming writing ideas. This time we’ve decided we might work up a pitch for a comics story, and we may even write the script for it as a spec submission to the appropriate comics publisher when we feel the time’s right. If it happens, it’ll be a goofy bit of fun. The worst the publisher can say is, “No,” but who knows? We won’t know if we don’t try, and all that, right?

How was your Free Comic Book Day?


8 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2013!

  1. My comic shop, Captain Blue Hen ( also does a canned food drive. I got a few free comics as well as picking up my weekly comics blow. On the subject of comics, I read the Transformers/Mars Attacks crossover and found it quite entertaining…


      1. You, too? Mine was sold out by the time I got to the counter. Instead, I got the Star Wars/Avatar comic and the Batman/Teen Titans Go! comic.


  2. Submit something to Valiant Comics! You guys would be a natural fit there due to your scifi experience. And your humor would be perfect for a title like Archer & Armstrong or Quantum & Woody. (Not that I have anything against the current creative teams, of course.)

    FCBD was pretty busy around here, too; I worked security at my LCS, watching both doors and the quarter bins. It was a highly successful day, indeed, and the many kids who showed up absolutely loved that we had a slew of cosplayers present (Fionna, Spider-Man, Donna Troy, and Wonder Girl, to name a few).

    What freebies did you and the kids nab?


    1. Kevin and I have had some discussions about pitching something to a comics publisher, but I’m leery of doing so without some kind of experience to which I can point. Thankfully, Kevin’s day job is giving him an ever-expanding set of skills writing in various formats and media which may eventually serve us in this regard.

      As for my FCBD haul, thanks to our visiting different shops, I came away with:

      Endangered Weapon B
      DC Nation Sampler
      Star Wars
      Aphrodite XI

      As I said up-thread, I missed the Buck Rogers one, along with The Walking Dead.


      1. I’ll check with my LCS to see if there’s any spare copies left of Buck Rogers and The Walking Dead; I could’ve sworn there was a small pile of Dead remaining, at least.

        Aphrodite IX was pretty good; I picked it up mainly for Stjepan Sejic’s incredible artwork. (If you dig it, check out his work on Witchblade, Artifacts, and Ravine, and prepare to have your jaw drop.) The only other books I took home (I leafed through many others while on break) were the Valiant specials.


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