Your moment of TrekZen*.


The image supposedly is from a first season episode of The Carol Burnett Show. Surprisingly, little seems to be known about the details of why Leonard Nimoy is there in full Spock regalia. Some sources indicate that the skit uses Spock as a punchline for Burnett wanting baby advice from “Dr. Spock,” though is both supported and refuted, depending on what source you want to go with. Other sites say that the sketch is titled “Mrs. Invisible Man,” though no details about it or why Nimoy is there are offered.

Pretty funny, though. 😀

(* = with acknowledgments–and apologies–to The Daily Show)

9 thoughts on “Your moment of TrekZen*.

  1. I was there. My dad was a producer of the Carol Burnett Show. Years 1-5 of the Burnett show have not been distributed in any form (other than clip show tributes) due to musical rights issues, which is why you cannot find them. Leonard Nimoy died today, which is why I stumbled across your post.

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    1. Thanks for the info, and for stopping by. I absolutely loved the Carol Burnett Show as a kid, and to this day I can’t not laugh at some of those skits. If your dad was a part of that, then my hat’s off to him. 🙂


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