No “Ask Dayton” this week….

Due to some kind of communications faux pas, there was no “Ask Dayton” query sent my way this week. So, you know…lucky you.

As Terry, Nick, and Mike carry on with the Sunday G and T Show, I’ll give you a peek into my next career, once I finally decide to give up cubicle dwelling and word-slinging:

This is an actual place, located in Martinez, California. I’ve never been there so I can’t comment on their menu, selection of spirits, service, or clientele, but I think we all can agree it’s got a kick-ass name.

As for any such establishment I might open one day down the road? I’ll begin auditioning dancers sometime this summer.

So far as I know, “Ask Dayton” will return next week. Until then, we return you to your Sunday, already in progress.


Lay it on me.

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