Listen to me live on Trek Radio this Saturday!

Tis true, boys and girls! I have been invited by the fine folks over at Trek Radio to round out their special “Typhon Pact Author Series” of interviews for their site’s “Captain’s Table” feature.

The show already interviewed fellow Typhon Pact contributors David R. George III on April 13th and Michael A. Martin on April 20th. David Mack has also appeared a couple of times on different show segments, so that leaves little old me, so far as the original four Typhon Pact authors goes. As of this writing, I believe they have an interview with Una McCormack scheduled for the near future.

But, let’s get back to me.

As stated above, I’ll be sitting down with Trek Radio hosts “TimeWarp” and “Nydra” from 12pm to 2pm Eastern Time on Saturday, April 27th to discuss my Typhon Pact novel Paths of Disharmony, though I suspect questions from the audience will branch to other topics.

Wait, did I forget to mention that? Hey, that’s right! Listeners and fans will be able to submit questions for the interview ahead of time via the following avenues:

– email to
– Tweet them to @TrekRadio with the hashtag #CaptainsTable
– Post them on Trek Radio’s Facebook wall

So, if you’re just dying to hear me babble with a modicum of coherence for a couple of hours on Saturday and maybe even answer a question of yours, now you know where to find me: Trek Radio. Hear you there?


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