“Ten for Ward” #7 at StarTrek.com: Ten Favorite Trek Audiobooks!


And with the weekend fast approaching, the good people over at StarTrek.com have graciously allowed me to pollute their site with yet another entry in my irregularly recurring blog series for them, “Ten for Ward.” As you likely have gleaned from this post’s title, I’m asked to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can think up whenever my ST.com editor contacts me for a new column.

This time around, I babble a bit about ten favorite Star Trek audiobooks. I love all sorts of spoken-word material, and audiobooks are one of my favorite things to enjoy on long drives (such as the one coming up next week for Starfest in Denver. The longer, the better. I’ve collected a fair share of Trek audiobooks over the years, going all the way back to the very first ones Simon and Schuster put out in the late 1980s. Which ones did I pick for this list?

Ten for Ward #7 – Ten Favorite Star Trek Audionovels

Feel free to share your own favorites, either over there or right here in the comments. I’m also open to suggestions for future columns, if you think you have a snazzy idea or two.

Thanks as always to my editor and other good people at StarTrek.com who provide not only a space for me to do my thing, but also the pictures and other links which help to spice up the whole package. You can check out all of the “Ten for Ward” columns just clicking on this rather swank-looking logo-type thing:

So, who’s got a fave title or three?

5 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #7 at StarTrek.com: Ten Favorite Trek Audiobooks!

  1. interesting list, i think i’ve read most of those. but i stay away from audio books because i often have the thing playing out in my mind (someone called it mental TV) as i read.

    BTW if anyone is looking to rent audio books (or paperbacks or children’s books) booksfree is like netflix for books, they have several different plans & you can keep what you rent for as long as you want. use code GFD2X for 20% the first month or there might be other specials going on, check the site for details 😀 (no i don’t work for them, but i like their service)


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