“Desert Island Trek” podcast, and Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

So, a couple of new podcast episodes dropped this past week, both of which are of potential interest to frequent visitors to this space.

First up, I once again joined the crew from the Trek Mate Family podcast network, sitting down with them for another episode of their “Ten Forward” show they call “Desert Island Trek.” The premise: The interview guest has to select five Star Trek episodes with which they’d want to be marooned on…you guessed it…a desert island. I tried not to be an original series snob when making my selections, and the ensuing discussion was pretty fun. We also bounce around to a few other topics, such as the upcoming Star Trek movie, stuff I’m working on, etc. Thanks very much to Matt, Sina, and Michael for inviting me back to their show!

Ten Forward Episode #41: Desert Island Trek – Dayton’s 5…err…7 Favorites

Next up is a podcast in which I don’t actually participate, but it does focus on a project that currently is quite near and dear to my heart. Podcaster Darren Moser, aka “Dr. Sci-Fi,” recently interviewed David Taylor to talk about The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade, a new audio drama serial he’s producing and which is based on a story I wrote.

David is the audio serial’s executive producer, and he assembled a talented troupe of voice actors to breathe life into Dylan McCade, his trusty sidekick Jacquelyn “Jax” Blake, the evil Empress Entropia, and all the rest of the characters peppering this initial six-part story. This podcast interview is actually the VERY FIRST PLACE for interested folks to learn some juicy details about how the project came to be and how things are going with its development. So, be sure to check it out!

Dr. Sci-Fi: Space Marshal Dylan McCade with Executive Producer David Taylor

(Dylan McCade Concept Sketch, by David Taylor)

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