Kirk versus the Gorn. Again!

Once again: It’s William Shatner’s world. The rest of us are simply living in it.

Yahoo! – Exclusive: William Shatner Fights an Old ‘Star Trek’ Enemy Again

The OG Captain Kirk himself was helping to promote the forthcoming Star Trek: The Video Game, which features the “rebooted” Kirk and his Enterprise crew facing off against all sorts bad guys and other aliens, including an all-new, tricked out Gorn. As part of the fun, Shatner and a stuntman dressed in an old-school Gorn outfit recreated the famous fight scene from the “Arena” episode of the original series, Kirk Fu and all. Be sure to watch the video included with the article.

(There’s a bit about how a Mythbusters episode concluded that Kirk’s famous bamboo cannon from “Arena” wouldn’t have worked. Indeed, they said the thing would blow up in Kirk’s face. Eagle-eyed Trekkies quickly pointed out that the MB crew had, in fact, constructed the cannon backwards. So, the jury’s still out on whether or not it could really go down that way, but there’s also the inescapable fact that none of the Mythbusters folks are James T. Fucking Kirk.)

This is what I’m sayin’.

Because Shat Happens, yo.


Lay it on me.

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