“Taneha” on Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!

Yo, yo, yo! It’s been two weeks, so that means we get ourselves a new car-smellin’ episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast, with hosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson continuing their bi-weekly retrospective of The Six Million Dollar Man‘s second season. For this latest installment, they’re joined by Alex Green, uber-bionic fan and webmaster of the fan site The Six Million Dollar Blog, to help them as they revisit the season’s sixteenth episode, “Taneha.”

From John’s write-up:

“The last male golden cougar is in danger of making the extinction list as a group of ranchers want it dead. But Steve, at the request of an old friend of his, wants to save the cat, Tahena.”

A definite “middle of the road” episode, this one is notable as being one of a handful of stories from the series which was riffed almost completely wholesale for an episode of The Bionic Woman. I kept waiting for the cougar to be revealed as an alien from outer space, or a Russian spy, or Bigfoot’s pet, or something.

Tune in to see what John, Paul, and Alex thought of this latest episode: Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast – “Taneha.”



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