“Return of the Robot Maker” on Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!

It can even simulate breathing!

It’s been two weeks, and that means a brand-spankin’ new episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast, with hosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson continuing their bi-weekly retrospective of The Six Million Dollar Man‘s second season. For this latest go-around, they needed the help of two–count ’em….TWO–guests hosts, and so they turned to me as well as Joseph Burns, tenth-degree black belt fan and webmaster of TheSix1973.com, to help them as they revisit the season’s fifteenth episode, “Return of the Robot Maker.”

From John’s write-up:

“Dr. Dolenz returns for one final confrontation with Steve. This time, he’s taking no chances as he replaces Oscar with one of his robot duplicates. As Steve’s most trusted friend, the robot manipulates Steve into a trap which could kill him. But Steve has a few tricks up his sleeve, thanks to his friend Barney, the inventor.”

Can Steve figure out which is the real Oscar?

This is another favorite, even though it’s a prime example of how something you enjoyed from your childhood doesn’t necessarily age that well once you view it again after many years. However, the episode is one of my daughters’ favorites, and is frequently requested whenever they want to watch some bionic action (“Daddy, can watch Steve Austin? The one with Robot Oscar?”).

Speaking of “Robot Oscar,” I got to meet Richard Anderson last summer at the San Diego Comic-con, and when I told him my young daughters loved this episode, his smile could light up the room, and he instructed me to tell them that “Robot Oscar says hello.”

So, tune in to see what John, Paul, Joe and I thought of this latest episode: Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast – “Return of the Robot Maker.”

This actually will be my last one of these for a while. I’m not due back in the guest host chair until September or so, by which time John and Paul will be revisiting episodes from the third season. You know what happens in the third season, don’t you? That’s right, sports fans: Steve Austin officially jumps the shark in Season 3, thanks to an oft-misunderstood dweller of the deep forest with, uh…big feet.

Awwww, yeah.


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