Regular readers of this space or who see me goofing on Twitter or Facebook know I love Trek stuff that gets whimsical, even silly, on occasion. Some of the merchandise that has fun with the franchise, while it may annoy the uber-serious fans who feel Trek deserves to be “treated with more respect,” blah blah blah, makes me smile, because it reminds me of how much *FUN* I had being a fan of the original show back when I was a kid. Running around our neighborhood pretending to be Kirk and the gang, fighting Klingons and shooting each other with our Tracer Guns, while jabbering into our bulky, oversized Mego communicator/walkie talkies, and so on.

Recent offerings like the QUOGS figures/style and the forthcoming “Trekkies Q-Pods” figurines are–to me, at least–a riot. I joked yesterday that I wanted covers for future novels to be rendered in either of those styles.

What I didn’t expect was a “decree” to get started writing a book worthy of such a cover. As “dictated” to me:

And the cover art? Behold, yo:

(Click to Biggie Size)

That’s some funny stuff, right there.

Anyway….I guess I should probably get started. He is the boss, you know.



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