I has been interviewed…again!


Tis true, boys and girls: Someone has seen fit to ask me questions and record my responses for posterity. This time, it’s the fine folks over at Trek Mate, a community of Star Trek fans who produce a family of podcasts and web content celebrating the Trek in all its various forms. They’ve recently launched a new podcast series, “The Captain’s Table,” which will focus on Star Trek books and those who write them, and they invited me to be their test subject and interviewee for the series’ inaugural installment.

That’s right, people: For every podcast or internet radio program that I destroy, another set of brave souls steps into the breach. Balance once more is restored.

Once we get the preliminary “getting to know me” questions addressed, hosts Michael Clark and Sina Alvarado take listeners on a tour down Memory Lane as they quiz me about some of my earliest work, such as my stories for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies and the Star Trek: S.C.E. novella series, including my first collaborations with my hetero life-mate, Kevin Dilmore. We bounce around my backlist a bit and also talk about forthcoming projects. I imagine we could’ve talked all afternoon, but Michael and Sina kept me reined in and reasonably on topic despite my best efforts at derailment, with an interview that lasts a bit over eighty minutes or so. I had a lot of fun with them, and they’ve already said they’d want me back for a future installment of the show.

Have a listen, whydontcha: Trek Mate: The Captain’s Table, Chapter One – Dayton Ward

Next up for Michael and Sina? An interview with the always delightful Bob Greenberger, where he’ll discuss his Star Trek writing in various media, including his most recent effort, the gosh-darn awesome Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History. Bob always makes for a great interview, so I’m looking forward to hearing that one, myself.

Thanks very much to Michael Clark, Sina Alvarado and the rest of the Trek Mate family for having me on their show. I look forward to a return visit somewhere down the road!

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