Now, I am become Dayton, the destroyer of internet radio shows.

So, Sunday started out well enough.

I hauled my tired ass out of bed, splashed water on my face, ate that one slice of pizza which had not yet begun to sprout fuzz, and joined friends Nick, Terry, and Mike as a live “in studio” guest for that day’s edition of the Sunday G and T Show. As most of you know, I’ve been something of a semi-regular fringe contributor to the show for some time, thanks to the “Ask Dayton” segment Nick dreamt up in a moment of misguided alcohol-induced stupor.

The interview itself was a lot of fun, spanning more than two hours and covering all sorts of topics from my current and forthcoming writing projects to the virtue of asking movie audiences to get the rest of your story in a comic or video game (hint: I’m not big on it) to the Star Trek “canon” (hint: I hate that word) to women in combat (hint: they’ve been doing it for a while now, already, so why the fuck are we still talking about this?).

Unfortunately, some kind of technical gremlin infiltrated the show at some point, and the first half of the show apparently is lost to the aether.


That still leaves more than an hour of us gabbing, though, which is what the interview might well have run in the first place if I’d been able to keep my babbling and topic drift under control. The surviving portion is now available for listening/download from the show’s website:

G and T Show 79 – Ask Dayton Live! (sorta)

The glitch that hosed the first half isn’t the fault of anyone connected with the show (Hey. Shit happens.), and I’ve already told them that I’d be happy to “redo” at least the relevant portions where they hit me with their original interview questions, so we’ll see if that might be in the offing here at some point.

Thanks to the gang for having me on their show. I know only the four of us heard the whole thing, but I had a blast. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Now, I am become Dayton, the destroyer of internet radio shows.

  1. Man, that shit was hilarious. Never heard that joke about why the Navy transported Marines on their ships before.

    I need to start listening the the G&T Show on a regular basis; I had to drop a few other Trek podcasts because they were just too negative and/or riddled with stupid mistakes.


    1. The whole interview was like that, and it’s always fun talking to Terry, Nick and Mike.

      Their show started off as mostly just about Trek fiction and Star Trek Online, but it’s morphed over time to be more encompassing, and that’s before you factor in the various squirrel-chasing topics which crop up from time to time. And while they might go off on the occasional rant when it’s warranted, their overall tone and approach tends to be more upbeat than other podcasts.

      If you’re looking for another Trek Lit-themed podcast, I also recommend the “Literary Treks” podcast from They also feature interviews with the different authors as well as reviews, etc.


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