Final covers for German-edition Typhon Pact books.

Back in July, we found out that German publisher Cross Cult had posted preliminary cover art for their forthcoming translations of the first four Star Trek: Typhon Pact novels. Now thanks to “8of5” over at The Trek Collective, we know that the cover art has been finalized, and as expected it’s remained largely the same but with a few tweaks here and there:

(Click to Up-size.)

L-R: Zero Sum Game (Nullsummenspiel) by David Mack, Seize the Fire (Feuer)by Michael A. Martin, Rough Beasts of Empire (Bestien) by David R. George III, and Paths of Disharmony (Zwietracht) by Yours Truly.

The German-language editions of the Typhon Pact novels are still scheduled to be published one per month between June and September 2013.

5 thoughts on “Final covers for German-edition Typhon Pact books.

      1. I’m not completely sure, but I think they’re probably by Martin Frei. He’s done all their other new Trek covers, and it certainly looks like his style.


    1. The Cross Cult folks have been doing some nice work with their translated editions. Oversized paperbacks with spot-varnishing effects on the covers, etc. This is the first time one of my books is getting completely new art for their edition, though. Pretty slick 🙂


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