Please pass it on: How to help author Peter David – UPDATED.

It’s been a few weeks since author Peter David suffered a stroke while on holiday in Florida with his family. Since that time, he’s continued to make steady progress in his recovery and rehab, and his wife, Kathleen, has been doing a tremendous job keeping friends, colleagues and fans updated…all while juggling the four thousand or so other balls she has in the air.

In addition to the continued influx of well-wishes and other good vibes, one question which has repeatedly asked by concerned folks is “How can I help?” Back on January 4th, Kathleen posted an entry to Peter’s blog on just how to do that, and this morning she’s offered up some new information. In addition to buying some of Peter’s various books and comics, either through Crazy 8 Press or other venues, people also can make direct donations which will go toward such things as copays for doctor visits and other related costs. You can read that original statement at Peter’s blog: How You Can Help Peter David Recover

You also can read Kathleen’s regular updates on Peter’s progress at her own blog. She posts nearly every day, on top of everything else:

No Strings Attached: Kathleen David’s weblog 

Please boost this and the other signals from Peter’s and Kathleen’s sites, and from Crazy 8 Press. And continue to send good vibes to Peter and the rest of Clan David.

Thanks for reading.


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