Something else to rile the Star Wars fanboys.

Yesterday, my 6-year old comes home from school with one of those catalogs from Scholastic they hand out on occasion, from which the kids can order books and the school gets a cut of the deal to fund various things. We try to support it whenever the catalogs come around because, as I say, the school benefits from the purchases, and HEY! BOOKS! Can’t get enough of those, right?

For those who’ve not seen the catalogs, the selections run the gamut from educational to just silly fun, and we always try to strike a balance when letting Addy make her selections.

So, I’m checking through the catalog this morning when I come across this:

Holy crap. I can’t stop laughing.

As I did with the greatest Star Wars book ever, I love when something whimsical or just plain goofy comes along for a beloved property. Much like the super hero franchises, Star Wars definitely has a handle on finding ways to appeal not just to hardcore fans but also presenting lighter, cheekier fare for casual followers or even just people like me: longtime fans who don’t take it all too seriously, and/or who like watching the more intransigent among us squirm, squeal, and scream whenever the object of their devotion is “desecrated” in such fashion.

I liken this bit of harmless fun to stuff like Marvel’s Super Hero Squad, or DC’s Superman Family Adventures, or JL8, a wonderful web comic written and illustrated by Yale Stewart, who presents the members of the Justice League as if they all had been children together in elementary school. If you’re a fan of comics and you haven’t yet seen this, definitely check it out. You’ll, chuckle, you’ll belly laugh, and once in a while you might even get a little choked up.

Damn, but I wish Star Trek could do stuff like this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When I was a kid, Star Trek was fun. I’d do a Star Trek kids book in a heartbeat if ever opportunity presented itself. My own kids would probably get a huge kick out of that. Of course, now they also like Star Wars, Power Rangers, and various super heroes, too.


As for the “Very Vader” Valentine’s Day cards? Addy wants a box, of course. Hey! How’d that second box get added to the order form?

13 thoughts on “Something else to rile the Star Wars fanboys.

  1. Yeah, it boggles the mind why we don’t have more random Trek crap. I mean, when you really whore out a license like Star Wars does, 95% of the products will be junk…but it’s often worth it for the gems left over.


      1. That’s for sure. Three new movies starting in 2015. Wouldn’t it be cool if Disney also bought Star Trek rights. Then we could actually see what would win. A Star Destroyer or the Enterprise.


  2. I won’t pretend to understand fanboys/girls, but I agree there should be Trek stuff as well. I suspect that there’s less “cute” appeal in Trek because Star Wars made the deliberate move to appeal to the younger market (Ewoks? Yoda? Dare I point out… Jar Jar Binks? *shudder*). I’m a fan of both, but I find Star Trek appeals to me differently because the collective authorship (nod to you, Dayton) base their work on actual science. Star Trek is just a good, wholesome storybook tale of good v. evil.

    Now that I’ve blathered… sorry. Great post, Dayton!


        1. I appreciate the thought, but we’re only “remaining consistent” with the canon. None of the novels, comics, games, etc. “count” so far as the canon goes. 🙂


        2. All right, Sir Dayton, you’re just begging the question: who then IS the keeper of the Star Trek canon?


        3. Whoever’s making films and/or television episodes. For our stuff, everything is run through a group at CBS for approval, making sure we’re not running afoul of anything, etc.


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