ReBlog from Whatever: Scam Attempt Warning for SF/F Writers

A scam warning from Scalzi. This one seems to be targeting SF/F writers, but I imagine similar schemes exist for other genres, as well. I don’t always go to conventions, but when I do they’re legit cons run by good folks. Stay wary, my friends.


Short version: If you’re a science fiction/fantasy writer who got an invitation to speak from Bexley College in the UK, someone’s trying to scam you.

Longer version:

Here’s an e-mail in my box today:

Greetings John Scalzi,

I am Prof. Arthur Peterson from Bexley College (Holly Hill Campus) here in London UK. We are officially writing to invite you and confirm your booking as our guest Speaker at this Year Bexley college Seminar which will take place here at the campus ground.

Bexley College (Holly Hill Campus).

The Venue as follows:
VENUE: Upper Holly Hill Road Belvedere, Kent
London, United Kingdom
Expected audience: 450 people(mainly students & invited guest). Duration of speech per speaker: 1 Hour
Name of Organization: Bexley College Campus.
Topic: ”Mystery of Life and Death”
Date: 18th February 2013

We reached your profile at http:// and we say it’s up to standard. The College…

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4 thoughts on “ReBlog from Whatever: Scam Attempt Warning for SF/F Writers

  1. I’m thinking this is perfect for guys like me: has published exactly two things (jack, and shit), unknown, questionable ability… I show up, gain instant street cred, say some words about writing, and viola: immawriter!


  2. Soooo….
    Maybe I shouldn’t be packing for my flight to London (which was inexplicably, and one hopes temporarily, to Kent for this event)?

    I hope the Nigerian prince is okay. I lost track of him after his plans fell through. If things has worked out, he’d be free and I’d have enough money to take my family and friends to hear me speak at Bexley College. (I was thinking maybe I could stay on as an English teacher; it’s clear they need help with composition.)


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