Pass it on: How to help Peter David.

Like a lot of people, I was stunned to hear that Peter David, prolific author in a variety of mediums including comics, prose, video games and television, suffered a stroke on December 30th while vacationing with his family in Florida.

Thankfully, all signs to this point are indicating that the stroke was “minor.” He’ll require some physical therapy and rehab to help him with some loss of motor function on his right side, but his cognitive abilities appear to be intact. His wife, Kathleen, has been providing regular updates about his condition. He was joking with nurses the afternoon it happened, and he’s been alert and communicative throughout the ordeal. Based on the report I read yesterday, he even was able to tend to a bit of work on one of his comics deadlines. That, folks, is amazing. Of course, Peter being Peter, we might all soon learn that his brain has become even more powerful than any of us could possibly have imagined.

(Apologies for the attempt at humor. Such things are my coping mechanism.)

Many of his colleagues, friends and fans have been asking how they can help during this time. E-Mails, texts, Tweets, and Facebook and blog updates of support have been coming in–it seems–from across the known universe and beyond, for which Clan David continues to express heartfelt appreciation. As for actual, tangible assistance? Since Peter is a Writer of Stuff, one easy way for folks to help is to buy some of that Stuff. Though insurance will cover the bulk of the expenses for his treatment, there are and will be various copays for this or that. Such tabs are already beginning to add up, and so a request to help toward paying those debts has been made.

I’m going to shut up, and point you to a statement that’s been posted on Peter’s website:

PeterDavid.Net: Here is how YOU can help Peter

Short version: The links provided on that post point to where book purchases can be made through Crazy 8 Press, which will be one of the faster methods of letting them turn income around and point it toward the bills.

If you’re a fan of Peter and any of his various works (or maybe you’re not, but you know someone who is, or you’re just that sort of awesome person who wants to help regardless of the details), I hope you’ll consider making a purchase. If you’re already aware of his situation and have not already posted something of your own, please boost this and the other signals from Peter’s site and Crazy 8 Press. And while it’s probably inappropriate or even disrespectful for somebody like me to ask for folks to keep the Davids in your prayers, I will ask that you offer up whatever form of good vibe works for you during times like these.

Thanks very much for reading.


11 thoughts on “Pass it on: How to help Peter David.

    1. As I said on Facebook, I think the server where both sites are hosted is melting. I guess that speaks well to the people trying to offer their support. If I know the sites’ webmaster, things will be in working order here very quickly.



    1. I’m not a religious person, so telling someone that I’m praying for them would be hollow, and I don’t want to disrespect people of faith. So, I ask people to “Do what they do.” 🙂


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