It started innocently enough.

Last night, I was goofing off while taking a break from the writing, and I checked out my Twitter feed to see what was going on, who was saying what, and so on and so forth, when I spied this Tweet, “retweeted” by one of my Twitter friends:

@cmdrsue RT @SteveHuff Fuck Twitter woulda been awesome in the 70s. Can you imagine all the coked-out tweeting from the discos?

Being me, I immediately responded to both fellow Tweeters:

@daytonward @SteveHuff @cmdrsue Awesome hashtag idea. “Fuckin’ line to get into 54 is ridiculous. I’ll be out of coke before I get in!” #70sTwitter

And that, so far as I can tell, is how the chaos began.

I started out slowly, with a couple of tentative stabs at getting something going:

@daytonward “I can’t fucking believe Star Wars won the fucking Oscar. Did those idiots not even SEE Smokey and the Bandit?” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “Check out these wild new jeans! You can’t even *SEE* my feet!” #70sTwitter

And then, it began spiraling out of my control.

Tweets began popping up all through my feed with the #70sTwitter tag. For example:

@luisishere Just played my 6th hour of Pong. #70sTwitter

@plasticanimal Crap, just dropped my pet rock on my mood ring. #70sTwitter

@Psiqueue Just became Mayor of Studio 54 #Foursquare #70sTwitter

@SoriedemSTO The King of Rock ‘n Roll died on his throne #70sTwitter

@FerdBurfel You know what’s good about the gas crisis? We’ll all now drive small, efficient cars. Gas guzzlers are done. #70sTwitter

Some had me laughing so hard I thought I might soil myself, but I’m already doing the topic an injustice. See for yourself. As I write this nearly twelve hours after sending that first fateful Tweet, the trend is still going:

Twitter: #70sTwitter

Not to leave here without being shameless and self-serving, here are some of my favorite contributions to the fray:

@daytonward “They replaced Henry Blake with the old dude from Dragnet? EPIC FAIL.” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “If we cut taxes on the rich, that’ll stimulate economic growth.” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “If Carter wins the election, I’m moving to Canada.” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “Hey East Coast, thanks for spoiling the whole ‘Bigfoot is a robot’ thing. Fuckers.” #SMDM #70sTwitter

@daytonward “My mom took my Farrah Fawcett poster.” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “Who got his official KISS ARMY membership card in the mail today? This guy.” #70sTwitter

@daytonward “They’re making a Star Wars christmas show? SUCK IT, GRINCH.” #70sTwitter

So, I guess I can cross “Start a Twitter Hashtag Game” off my Bucket List. Sweet. Next up? WORLDWIDE TRENDING.

Despite the distraction, which based on my own Twitter timeline consumed the better part of three hours, I still was able to meet my writing goal for the evening….though I did keep checking the feed every so often to see what was what.

Twitter, you kill me.

Thanks to @SteveHuff and @cmdrsue for providing the initial spark. When the arraignments come down, I’m throwing you two under the bus.


About Dayton Ward

Freelance word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. I know where my towel is.
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7 Responses to #70sTwitter.

  1. Tom Elias says:

    These aren’t the Twits you’re looking for…


  2. archersangel says:

    @a_angel: “i hear they’re going to have a new star trek on a 4th network! 😀 ” #70sTwitter

    @a_angel: “no new trek & no new network 😦 ” #70sTwitter

    @a_angel: “apparently star trek will be a movie! i bet there’s only going to be one.<_< " #70sTwitter

    @a_angel: "rumor is lucas has ideas for 3 movies set before star wars. i bet they're fantastic! XD" #70sTwitter


  3. dixiesamsa says:

    64 cents a gallon? I’ll go bankrupt! #70sTwitter


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