November writing wrap-up.

And now we hit the home stretch. The final lap. The last few precious days until we find out if the Mayans have been yanking our chains all this time, or if the joke’s really on us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got plenty of beef jerky, Mountain Dew, and ammo to tide me over, at least until the planet plunges into the sun or whatever.

Meanwhile, that writing thing. November was a steady though not hectic month. Work continues on From History’s Shadow, the mess of random letters, grunts, and scratches which–at some point between now and January 7th or so, be transformed into a novel manuscript suitable for delivery to my editor.

So, the old monthly rundown looks something like this:

From History’s Shadow – My forthcoming Star Trek original series novel, which I was only allowed to name and talk about just last month. As of today, I’m still on pace, having passed the 90k mark a day or so ago. You can read more info about it here and here. As I said up-post a bit, the manuscript’s due January 7th, and I expect to hit that with no problem. The book’s “official” publication date is set for July 30th, 2013.

Writer’s Block? I Don’t Have…Oh, Shiny!” – My latest monthly column for the Novel Spaces blog, which was posted on November 17th. This month, I yammer about how I don’t particularly subscribe to the notion of “writer’s block,” preferring instead to call it what I think it usually is: wanting to goof off.

“Permission to Come Aboard: From Fans to Pros” – My sidebar essay for Bob Greenberger’s Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History – A one-page piece Bob asked me to write for the book, highlighting Star Trek fans who, due to one reason or another, have found a way to contribute professionally to some aspect of the franchise. The essay is one of several such pieces Bob included in the book from a variety of friends and colleagues, and the book was released November 5th. It’s a rather sweet-looking tome, if I do say so myself, so if you’re a fan of such books, you should be hunting for your own copy.

“Three Decades Ago, In A Movie Theater Down the Street: Ten Favorite Science Fiction Films of the 1980s” – Guest blog for Forgotten Flix. I was approached by my friends there to provide this piece for a series of guest blogs they’re putting together, to run starting sometime in the next few weeks. Galaxy of Terror and Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone for the win, baby!

Other stuff in the pipeline:

Star Trek tie-in novel – For late 2013, and one of five books which will comprise a series of linked novels with the umbrella title The Fall. I was approached about this project back at the end of May and at this point, I have very little to say about it, as I’m still working out what the story will be. I can say that it, like the other books in the series, will be set in the 24th century era. I had a discussion with my editor about this book back on July 27th, and I’ll be developing an outline as we wind down 2012 (said outline’s not due until after the first of the year), even as I work on From History’s Shadow. As of now, I expect to be delivering the manuscript for this one early next summer. I even have contracts for it, and everything! Talk about lookin’ ahead….

Tie-in novel – For mid-late 2014. And as if that’s not enough, my editor has contacted me regarding yet another project for even farther down the line. We’ve talked about it in the most broad, high-level terms, mostly just to figure out possible scheduling and manuscript due dates. Right now, it’s little more than my name in a slot on my editor’s schedule and a few pages I wrote up to pitch the basic concept, so we’re a long ways off from being able to say anything meaningful about it, but it’s nice to know I’ll be at least somewhat busy for the next year or so.

“The Enterprise Job” – This actually was a topic of conversation back during the Starfest convention in April, between me and a friend who’s also runs a small-press publishing venture. He asked to see the manuscript, so I sent it to him a couple of months ago. Various life and work issues have prevented him from getting back to me about this, and right now I’m weighing the notion of continuing to wait on him, or exploring other avenues. If all goes to my master plan, this would be available in all of the popular e-Book venues as well as print-on-demand hardcopy editions. This has taken a back seat to other stuff on my schedule for the moment.

Short story for charity anthology – When fellow writer and blogger H.E. Ellis put out an all-call for short story submissions to support a worthwhile charity endeavor, I decided that the anthology’s theme was delightfully twisted enough that I wanted to play. The basic idea is to re-imagine a classic fairy tale, which, as H.E. puts it, “can be as funny, sick, twisted, erotic or vanilla as you wish.” I opted to take a crack at “updating” Peter Pan (a riff on A Clockwork Orange came to mind). Or, I may have a go at re-inventing Pinocchio as a cyborg assassin. Haven’t decided yet. At this time, all of the fairy tales in her original list have been nabbed, but if this sounds like something you want to try and you have a fairy tale that wasn’t on the list, add a comment to the blog entry I linked, and she’ll consider adding it and you to her list. The intent is to have all of the stories in by spring 2013 so that they can be compiled into anthology format. A few folks already have turned in their stories, and H.E. is posting a couple of them (or excerpts) to her blog.

Also, I’ve continued to answer the call of friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull, they of the weekly Sunday G&T Show, responding to queries submitted to them via their show’s “Ask Dayton” feature. What can I say? I’m an idiot.

Possible future projects:

Steampunk short story – I plan to get back to this one and finish a draft, but I don’t expect it will be happening until after the first of the year. It’s a new genre for me, so it’s proving a bit of a challenge, but I really like the idea I’ve come up with. I’m even thinking I can expand the general premise–if not this particular tale–to novel length, and really go crazy. I guess we’ll see.

Kid’s story book – The idea behind this is to create one of those illustrated books for very young kids (like, say…my 6 and 4-year old). I have an artist in mind, particularly since it was work he did for similar books which inspired me to do this in the first place. I have a completed manuscript, and at the moment we’re waiting on him to get some time in his schedule so we can talk about it. There also are a few other obstacles to navigate before I can approach the appropriate parties about possible publication. For now, this remains a “passion project.”

Shared-world story – I was approached earlier in February about perhaps contributing something to an author-created “shared-world” series. At this point, our discussions have been very, very preliminary, as at the time I still was wrapping my head around the series concept and the possibilities it presents. I already have a notion for a story, but it naturally needs refinement to fit the series’ framework. I’m not even sure yet whether we’re talking novel-length, or something shorter. Now that contracted work has heated up again, this has been back-burnered for the foreseeable future.

Okay. December, then? Onward.

About Dayton Ward

Freelance word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. I know where my towel is.
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5 Responses to November writing wrap-up.

  1. H.E. ELLIS says:

    I cannot wait to read what you come up with!!! And steampunk? You have piqued my interest, Mr. Ward.


  2. Tom Elias says:

    I see you too have been given an assignment by Ms. Ellis. Looking forward to seeing your F’d up Fairytale, Dayton.


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