Star Wars Reads Day!

Come on. How can you not like something like this?

So, what’s the deal? Pretty simple, really: celebrate reading and Star Wars, all at the same time! Lucasfilm and a number of its print licensees, Dark Horse Comics, and other groups are coming together to sponsor or put on various activities, and lots of places around the country — bookstores, comic shops, toy stores and craft centers to name just a few examples — are observing what is hoped to be the first of what will become an annual tradition.

Check out the official page for the event on the Star Wars website.

They’re also running a blog where authors of various Star Wars books of every sort weigh in on the day. Check that out right here.

I suppose my inner cynic could denounce this as crass commercialism run amok, but given that so many of the planned activities are aimed at kids, it’s hard not to be jazzed. In my view, any effort to put a book in a kid’s hands is worthwhile on some level. If we can stand in line all week for the latest hip video game, iGadget, or Black Friday shopping spree, surely we can offer up a few precious minutes toward something like this, right? Star Wars novels were among the first “grown-up” books I started reading around the age of ten or so, right around the time the first Star Wars movie was in theaters. This include the novelization of the film, and I also was reading Marvel’s Star Wars comics which continued the story after the film (“Beyond the Movie! Beyond the Galaxy!”), and I still remember how excited I was when I stumbled across Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the first Star Wars tie-in spin-off novel.

Good times, those.

As it happens, my kids like books and reading, and they like Star Wars. Yes, they have a few Star Wars toys, and among the various books they have are a couple of Star Wars titles aimed at their age group, which we’ve enjoyed together. When I explained to them that this was going on today, they got really excited and wanted me to take them to go and see what’s what. So, we’ll be heading out to one of the bookstores in our area to check out the happs.

(And why doesn’t Star Trek have cool stuff like this? Why? Why? WHY?)

:: Ahem. ::

So, that’s what we’re doing later this morning. Yes, I think this is pretty cool, and if you’re a parent with a kid who digs reading and Star Wars and who’s looking for something to do today, go to the Star Wars Reads Day page and see if something’s going on in your area. Hey, you might even find yourself a copy of the Greatest Star Wars Book. Ever.

May the books be with you.


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