In Tempest’s Wake has a cover!

The things you find in your e-Mail.

So, courtesy of Pocket Books, we now have the “cover art” for my forthcoming novella, In Tempest’s Wake, coming October 2nd to the various e-Book formats:

(Click to Biggie Size)

As previously advertised, this is intended as a coda or a “capstone” for the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series, which was given its proper and rather explosive finale earlier this year with David Mack’s Storming Heaven. If you’ve not yet read the entire series, I’d advise not reading this until you address that, as this will most definitely contain spoilers. If you have read the series, then you’ll (hopefully) be able to enjoy this as something of a “bonus” story.

EDIT: The cover, as with all the others in the series, was rendered by the incomparable Doug Drexler. Thanks to “liquidcross” for asking about the artist, and making me realize I’d forgotten to add that important note.

I’m not sure when we might see “back cover copy,” aka that blurb of text you read on hardcover dust jackets or the backs of paperback books. Personally, I’m hoping for sometime before October 2nd.

EDIT #2: On August 30th, posted a short article on this, including this synopsis info they received from Pocket Books:

“The U.S.S. Enterprise and other starships that participated in the final battle in the Taurus Reach have been remanded to a remote starbase. While evacuees from the station are processed and the ships repaired, restocked, and re-staffed as needed, Captain James T. Kirk is ordered to report to Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Starbase 47’s second and final commanding officer. Through flashbacks intercut with the ongoing conversation between Kirk and Nogura, the Enterprise’s involvement in the last days of Operation Vanguard—and the conflict between Starfleet and Tholian forces at Starbase 47—is now told from the perspective of Kirk and his crew.”

8 thoughts on “In Tempest’s Wake has a cover!

  1. I’m oldschool, will this come out on paper for the people like me who don’t have an e-book reader, wouldn’t know how to use one if I had one, I don’t text message because I can’t figure it out.


    1. There are no immediate plans to release this in print form, as it’s a novella rather than full-blown novel. Even if you don’t have an e-Reader, most of the major formats have free apps for your computer, phone, iPad/tablet, etc. I have the Kindle app on my laptop, for example.


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