Ask Dayton #40 on the G&T Show – “Getting Over the Post-Con Blues”

Holy crap.

Forty of these things? Whodathunkit?

Certainly not me. When Sunday G&T Show co-host Nick Minecci first approached me last fall with this wacky idea of his, I was sure it’d last a few weeks at most before petering out, with the show and its audience finding something way more interesting on which to focus their attention.


Today was the first episode of the show following last week’s big monster Trek convention in Las Vegas, in which Nick, co-hosts Terry Lynn Shull and Michael Medeiros and many members of the audience got the chance to hang out live and in color. But, the euphoria of that wondrous weekend is now behind everyone, leading us to this week’s query:

Dear Dayton: The cast of idiots from G and T were in Las Vegas last week, along with some of their listeners. What advice do you have for them to combat post-convention blues? What does Dr. Dayton prescribe for our intrepid cast?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You were in Vegas last week. Rub it in.

And now, you’re home, and you’re asking a guy who didn’t get to go to the con how best to get back into the groove of the hackneyed, dog-eared, reheated lump of leftover shit the rest of us call “normal life.”

Hopefully, the first thing you did was get yourself to a decontamination shower. You were in Vegas, in a hotel, with thousands of convention goers, remember? Another term for that is “incubation chamber.” The instant you got home, there should’ve been a team standing by in biohazard suits, ready to scrub you down from head to toe, in the vain hope of ridding your bacteria-infested body of any lingering vestiges of con funk, or whatever other communicable and/or social diseases you acquired during your stay in the City of Sin. Wash your ass, Patient Zero. Twice. In fact, sand-blast that mother fucker.

Okay, now that you’ve been declared “clean,” by the CDC, the next thing you should’ve done was go through all the free swag you collected and all the other cool shit you bought (none of which, I noticed at last check, seems to have made its way to stately Ward Manor…but, I digress). Some of that stuff’s bound to bring back some fun memories, right? Autographs? Check. Photos with the stars? Yup. T-shirts? Okay. Tribbles or phasers or imitation horga’hns? If that’s your thing, sure. The latest Star Trek novel by your favorite author, perhaps even the guy who writes up answers to these questions every fucking week? Hmmmm?


Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

I assume lots of pictures were taken, yes? Perhaps there are photos just begging to have the story behind them retold for our amusement. If not, then we’ll just make up some shit. Listeners could start a thread on the show’s message boards, or a special album on its Facebook page, and have one gathering place for all the great photos. That way, they can be enjoyed not only by those who were at the con, but also those of us who unfortunately had to miss it.

(Strong preference should be given to those pictures featuring hot ladies in costume. But it’s just a suggestion.)

As for getting over any post-convention blues you might have? Hey, you’re doing it right now! Listening to friends Nick, Terry and Mike talk about Trek, whether it’s the con or the movies or whatever episode Terry’s watching for first time or Star Trek Online or even those books people say they read (I call bullshit on that last one, by the way)? Sure, it’s not quite on the same level as hanging out with all sorts of cool Star Trek celebrities, or going to the kickin’ parties. Maybe it doesn’t measure up to being crammed into a hotel room while you all slam beers and exchange flop sweat, and wonder who the fuck is responsible for introducing that gaseous anomaly into the sardine can you called “your suite.” Still, the G and T show provides a place where fans of Star Trek can come together in celebration of this wonderful universe we all love so much. I can’t think of any better remedy for the post-con blues.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, somebody needs to introduce me to Holly Hearse, dammit!

This question and its answer was read during the show as part of G&T Show Episode #57, August 19th, 2012. You can hear Nick read the answers each week by listening live, or check out the replay/download options when the episode is loaded to their website: The Sunday G&T Show. Listeners to the show are also encouraged to send in their own questions, one of which will be sent to me each week for a future episode.

As always, thanks to Nick, Terry, and Mike for including me in the fun.

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