The Divine Tales are now available!

I was notified by friend, fellow word-pusher and–in this case, anyway–my editor, Aaron Rosenberg, that ReDeus: Divine Tales, the brand-spankin’ new anthology which poses the question, “What happens when the gods return? You know…ALL OF THEM,” is now available for mere mortals to buy, read and hopefully enjoy.

The book now as a live page at CLICK ME

Right now, the book’s only available in trade paperback format, but e-Book formats are a’comin’!

ReDeus: Divine Tales is the latest offering from Crazy 8 Press, and might well be the start of a shared-world series of novels, depending on how well this first book does. So, you know…buy lots of copies for friends and relatives. They make wonderful birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts. Hey, Labor Day’s coming. So, there you go.

Thanks again to Aaron, Bob Greenberger and Paul Kupperberg for inviting me into their nifty little sandbox. It was definitely an interesting challenge, given the crazy 8 deadline involved. Let’s try not to make that a habit, okay?

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