“Ten for Ward” #5 at StarTrek.com: Ten Trek Novels “the Canon” Passed Over

It’s been a while, but the good folks over at StarTrek.com have finally corralled me into providing another entry in my irregularly-recurring blog series for them, “Ten for Ward.”

As the title suggests, I provide a list of ten favorite (or otherwise hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever tickles my fancy at the time my ST.com editor contacts me for a new column. For this go, I went back to the world of Trek novels, and this time I solicited suggestions from readers here and on Facebook. The result?

Ten for Ward #5 – 10 Trek Novels “the Canon” Passed Over

As always, my list isn’t intended to represent “the best” or any sort of definitive rundown, so feel free to offer some of your own favorites, either over there or right here in the comments. I’m also open to suggestions for future columns, if you think you have a snazzy idea or two.

Thanks as always to the good folk at StarTrek.com who provide not only a space for my particular blatherings, but also the pictures and other links which help to round out the whole thing. You can check out all of the “Ten for Ward” columns just clicking on this rather swank-looking logo-type thing:

As I said in the article, these are just the ten I picked. Who’s got more?

3 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #5 at StarTrek.com: Ten Trek Novels “the Canon” Passed Over

  1. spock’s world by diane duane might be a good one for vulcan history.
    shadows on the sun by michael jan friedman would be a good one for mccoy’s backstory with his ex-wife.
    the lives of dax edited by marco palmieri fills in the backstory of the dax symbiont.


    1. Though I don’t think any of those were explicitly contradicted by onscreen events, Spock’s World is probably the most likely one to “no longer fit.”

      I forget offhand when The Lives of Dax was published, but it was after the series ended, right?


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