Kevin and me at the Free State Comicon!

Well, it looks like Kevin and I are adding one more con to our list of pit stops.

Our friend Craig Klotz is a promoter of small, friendly one-day conventions which take place throughout the year here in KC. In addition to those, he also puts on a larger annual show, the Free State Comicon, which has taken place the past several years in Lawrence, Kansas. We’ve attended the con as guests a couple of times, and he’s asked us to bring our wares to this year’s edition.

In addition to having a larger venue and more vendors, Craig also brings in a nice gathering of regional comics talent for this show. Local folks done good like Dennis Hopeless, Alex Grecian, and Ande Parks number among the creators you’ll find at this year’s show, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to our friend Mike Sullivan. Go and check out the full list of attending creators, if you’re feelin’ curious.

The con is set for Saturday, September 8th, from 10am-5pm at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence, Kansas. If you’re a local and you’re looking for something fun to do that Saturday, come check out the geekery. Thanks to Craig for inviting us to the party, and we hope to see you there!

Lay it on me.

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