The gods must be crazy!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve hinted at being involved with a writing project which had–for me, anyway–a pretty intense deadline. I was invited to contribute a short story to a new “shared universe” anthology, cooked up by friends and fellow word-slingers Bob Greenberger and Aaron Rosenberg and which they were putting together for premiere at next month’s Shore Leave convention. Apparently, their original plan to have a book with just three (or four?) novellas/short stories was coming up short, so they decided to invite other authors who would be attending the con to contribute to this new universe they’d created. Then, they extended the invitation to friends/colleagues who normally attend the con but would not be there this year for various reasons.

This latter group included me. 🙂

So, I read Bob’s invitation e-Mail along with the “bible” they had created for their concept, and came away with an idea or two I thought I could get to key-banging in rather short order. After clearing the notion with Bob and Aaron, I set to work, hoping I could develop and execute a story for a premise I was still learning, and do it in about ten days. For full-time writers, this is a piece of cake. For halfway-ers like me, who write in and around a different full-time job, kids, and so on, it presented a bit of a challenge. That said, I’d been hoping to work with these dudes for a while now, so I wasn’t going to pass up this engraved invitation.

So, with “July 10th” staring me in the face as a deadline, I along with the other invitees set to work. Meanwhile, Bob and Aaron were busy getting cover art, interior illustrations, and other matters in order while they waited for the writers to get their stories in. July 10th arrived, by which time everybody had hit their marks, and Bob and Aaron were pleased with the results. With the package now more or less assembled, it can be revealed what all the fuss is about. Behold, yo:

(Click to Biggie Size)

From the back cover:

The gods have returned.

All of them!

The change promised by the ending of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 manifested itself in an unexpected manner. Every pantheon of gods and goddess, from every belief the world over, have returned … changing the world forever.

As the pantheons settle into their ancestral lands, they vie for worshippers, gaining or losing power along the way. They find the world of man a bewildering, crazy quilt, and each wishes to remake their lands in their own image.

Come and meet some of the inhabitants of this strangely familiar world in eleven new tales that explore what it means to worship in this new reality. A Knight Templar hunting mysteries. A rookie pitcher with a unique belief system. A wounded solider returned to battle by a goddess. A reporter who isn’t sure what to believe. A homicide detective on the Manhattan beat. A man out to kill the gods. A single father trying to survive in a world without Santa Claus. And many more!

Chronicling this new tomorrow are Dave Galanter, Allyn Gibson, Phil Giunta, Robert Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, William Leisner, Scott Pearson, Aaron Rosenberg, Lawrence M. Schoen, Dayton Ward, and Steven H. Wilson. Join them and discover a world where everything old is new again—even the gods themselves.

ReDeus: Divine Tales, published by Crazy 8 Press, will premiere at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore the weekend of August 3-5, and will be available in both trade paperback and electronic format on or around that time, as well.

More info will be posted as I get it, but for now, many thanks to Bob and Aaron for inviting me into their sandbox.


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6 Responses to The gods must be crazy!

  1. Great premise for the hopefully-long-term series. Back in 1980 I wrote a sit-com pilot with Zeus having banished all the Greek gods to modern-day Los Angeles and New York … with most of their powers stripped. But THIS, though, looks really great!


    • Dayton Ward says:

      I’m not sure what the plans are after this anthology. I don’t know yet about any of the other contributors, but I certainly wrote mine with the idea that the character/setup could be revisited, whether that’s by me or someone else.


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