Lost? My wife and her search dog can find you.

Those of you who read this space with any frequency know that I’ve mentioned the volunteer work my wife performs as part of a search and rescue team of dogs and their specially-trained handlers. The team assists law enforcement to find lost or missing persons, alive or deceased, depending on the situation. They train the dogs to make finds both on land as well as in the water. There’s a lot of work and training involved, for the dog as well as the handler. The typical window for training a dog for operational status can last as long as 18 months, and that’s just to get started. For the handlers, their training and certifications, in addition to learning how to work the dog, also involve such subjects as first aid, land navigation, rappelling, and wilderness survival, just to name a few off the top of my head.

I brag a lot to folks about Michi and the work she does. Currently, she’s in the process of training her second dog for the program, Snickers. Her first search dog, Whistle, had a pretty good knack for this kind of work, but Snickers seems to have a natural affinity for it.

Last Saturday, a local small-town paper, the Lee’s Summit Tribune, published a very nice article on the team, in which Michi and Snickers received some nice coverage. Michi also is interviewed in the piece, and the reporter, Mary Pechar, even acted as a “lost person” as part of her research for the article:

Lee’s Summit Tribune: “Search and Rescue – Hard Working Dogs”

The print edition of the article features three photos, two of which are Snickers in action, but the web version has this photo:

Photo Credit: Fred Poese/Lee’s Summit Tribune

To learn more about the team and their work, check out their website: MoSAR: Missouri Search and Rescue K-9

Thanks very much to Mary Pechar and the Lee’s Summit Tribune for the great article!

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