Star Trek: Typhon Pact…Cross Cult Style!

This morning’s check of Facebook brought with it this little bit of Trekkie goodness, being preliminary cover art for Cross Cult‘s forthcoming German-language translation of my Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony:

(Click to Biggie Size)

Since mine was the fourth of the original four Typhon Pact books, I went digging and found similar art for the other three books. All of the covers are being rendered so that they’ll form one nice, continuous pic. And because I love you folks so much, I cobbled them together in somewhat crude fashion:

(Click to Biggie Size, too)

L-R: Zero Sum Game by David Mack, Seize the Fire by Michael A. Martin, Rough Beasts of Empire by David R. George III, and…well, you know that last one.

Again, the art is not final, but past experience has shown that Cross Cult artists, more often than not, hit pretty close to the final product even with these “early versions.” However, I’m hoping a few items already brought up by other fans will be addressed, such as the Borg cubes. 🙂

This is the first time Cross Cult’s translation of one of my books will feature new cover art. For the Vanguard books, they’d been sticking with Doug Drexler’s original art (which makes sense, as that art is awesome), so I’m rather jazzed about this.

The German-language editions of the Typhon Pact novels will be published one per month between June and September 2013.

Many thanks to the folks at Cross Cult for sharing these!


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11 Responses to Star Trek: Typhon Pact…Cross Cult Style!

  1. The German covers are soooo much better than the US ones.


  2. Lanny77 says:

    The Sabre class ship looks like it’s flying backwards. Other then that, Cross cult did another excellent job


  3. Josh Ward says:

    Is that first ship under Bashir the Aventine? (or at least one of the new Slipstream ships?)


  4. Jeremy Woolward says:

    I like the ensemble of the book covers. I know it may seem out of place, but I do not mind the Borg Cubes for “Rough Beasts of Empire”…I can understand why they’re there. And although it’s cool to see Donatra on the cover, I’d soon rather have her replaced with Sisko as it made a little more sense, and keeps it in line with the English covers with the same people depicted. But, to each their own. They still rock, though. 🙂


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