Shuttlecraft Galileo….SOLD!

Forgot all about this yesterday! The two or three of you who read this blog with any frequency have seen my babbling about the auction for the shuttlecraft Galileo full-size mockup/prop from the original Star Trek series. After being believed lost for years, the lady who has owned and stored the Galileo for lo these many years stepped into the spotlight long enough to let fans know that the shuttle was still around, though in need of some serious TLC.

She worked with an auction house to put the Galileo up for sale to the highest bidder. High profile folks like Doug Drexler and Michael Okuda, as well as the gang from Star Trek: Phase II took notice, and the rest of us hung back and watched, hoping the shuttle would be purchased by someone committed to its full and proper restoration.

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(The Galileo as she appeared at a convention in 1986. Click to Biggie Size.)

It looks like fan wishes have been granted, as the auction which began on June 18th concluded yesterday, with the shuttle being purchased for $61,000 by the team of Alec Peters (Propworx) and Adam Schneider (a collector of screen-used filming miniatures from film and TV). Check out their site: Help Us Save the Galileo Shuttlecraft!

They’ve already announced on their site’s blog that they’ve been in contact with Doug Drexler, so I expect to be hearing some cool things from the D-Man soon. Hopefully, this group of dedicated fans and artists can restore the Galileo to its former glory. I can’t speak for anyone else, but gettin’ a pic with the lady is still on my Bucket List.


13 thoughts on “Shuttlecraft Galileo….SOLD!

  1. Getting a pic with the Galileo would be awesome. They could charge me a fee and I would gladly pay it. Would then frame a mini to hang next to my Galileo Christmas ornament every year.


  2. Any word on this? It’s been awhile since the auction. I’d love to chip in if someone were to take donations!


      1. I was really excited to see who had gotten it. At least now there’s a chance it’ll be cared for properly. Thanks for the update and for looking into it. Also, your blog rocks, I’m glad I found it!


        1. I’m stunned. Much respect and a bow *bows* to Adam for shouldering the burden. Whether he can afford it or not is besides the point. I’m sure there are many who would look at this and see it as folly. Please know that this 38 year old 30+ year Star Trek fan has been deeply moved and is very much appreciative of the fact that this level of love is being shown to what is a piece of cultural history.

          Thank you so much, Dayton. You have totally made my day.


  3. glad to know there are still Star Trek fans out there who willing to believe in the legacy of Genne Rodenberrys dream for a good future.


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