A Yard Doggie artist is nominated for a Chesley!

Passing along word from my friends down at Yard Dog Press! Artist Mitch Bentley has been nominated for a Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, for the cover artwork he created to adorn Jean Stuntz’s The Alamo and Zombies.

What are the Chesley Awards: From the ASFA page:

“ASFA annually gives out the Chesley Awards, which were established in 1985 as ASFA’s peer awards to recognize individual works and achievements not otherwise recognized by the Hugo Awards, during a given year. The Chesleys were initially called the ASFA Awards, but were later renamed to honor famed astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell after his death in 1986. The awards are usually presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention or at the North American Science Fiction Convention when the Worldcon is held outside of North America.”

So, there you go.

Mitch’s cover art for The Alamo and Zombies is a finalist in the nominations for Best Paperback. You can see it and the other entries here: 2012 Chesley Award Finalists

Congrats and good luck to Mitch!

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