Your other car could be the Shuttlecraft Galileo!

Assuming you can make the payment(s), of course.

As reported late last week by the good folk over at Airlock Alpha, the long-lost (yet, not really) full-sized prop mockup of the shuttlecraft Galileo from the original Star Trek series is set to be auctioned to the highest bidder. Will that be you?

Airlock Alpha: Star Trek Fan Group Wants Galileo Shuttlecraft; Original prop from Star Trek back on the auction block

Of course, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper at this point:

(Pic originally posted at Airlock Alpha.)


Following the cancellation of the series in 1969, the Galileo had itself one of those odd journeys before disappearing for a time from the public eye. For a while, it was even a playground accessory before it was purchased by a private collector and restored and displayed at Star Trek conventions, including Creation’s big-assed 20th anniversary con in Anaheim in 1986. I was at that con, and managed to get a pic of the girl myself:

(Click to Biggie Size.)

The Galileo changed hands again, and was believed lost or even destroyed for many years. For whatever reason, the fact that the person last known to be in possession of the prop, Lynne Miller, still had the thing seemed to slip past all the sleuths and fan-detectives believed to be searching for it.

ReWard: The lost shuttlecraft Galileo…found?

Now, after all these years, Ms. Miller is putting the Galileo up for auction. As Airlock Alpha’s article states, a couple of fan groups are interested in obtaining the prop, and some of the pros who used to work on various Star Trek series (Doug Drexler, Michael Okuda, etc.) also have expressed interest in participating in any restoration efforts. I hope such an effort can be launched, and the Galileo returned to its former glory where it then can be made available for fans to see. I also hope that Ms. Miller gets a fair price for the prop, given everything she’s gone through in her own attempts to see it restored.

Here’s hoping we see the shuttlecraft Galileo at a convention or even on screen again one day soon…if for no other reason than getting my picture taken while poking my head out of that side hatch is on my bucket list…..

Thanks to Airlock Alpha and Trek Today.

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    1. I was born and raised in Tampa. Been a Bucs fan since Day 1. As a kid, I worked as a vendor at the old stadium on game days, humping trays of Coke up and down the stands. 🙂


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