ReWard: “The Way to Eden” – The Drinking Game!

So, I was checking my Twitter feed this evening, and I see this tweet from one of my followers:

“YES! There IS a “The Way to Eden” Drinking Game. Created by Trek author extraordinaire @daytonward. Oh God, my liver hurts already…”

I’d forgotten about having created such a thing, but a search of my archives turned up what is basically the first handful of rules for a drinking game I proposed for use while watching the original Star Trek episode “The Way to Eden.”

Yeah, that one.

I came up with it last year, while David Mack and I were in the midst of our third-season Star Trek Re-Watch for Since I was lacking for anything original to post here tonight, I decided to dig up that old blog posting and present the relevant bits here again, using the “ReWard” moniker that I’ll employ whenever I want to repost some past blog entry and make it appear like I’m still providing fresh, new content.

So, here you go: “The Way to Eden” – The Drinking Game (from a post originally written on February 11, 2011)

  1. Whenever somebody says “Herbert,” take a drink.
  2. Whenever somebody makes that weird pseudo “Peace Sign” gesture, take a drink.
  3. If #1 and #2 are done together, that’s a double.
  4. Whenever somebody breaks out in song, take a drink.
  5. Whenever somebody starts dancing, take a drink.
  6. If #4 and #5 are done together, finish your drink.
  7. Whenever somebody says “We reach,” take a drink.
  8. Whenever somebody says, “Yay, brother,” take a drink.
  9. If #7 and #8 are done together, that’s a double.

And so on…

Anybody else have suggestions?

(Click to enlarge.)

(DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a joke, and I’m not advocating that anyone actually get plastered while watching this episode. Well, besides myself, of course. If you’re gonna drink, drink responsibly, right?)

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