“Little Orphan Airplane” on Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!


It’s been two weeks, which means it’s time for friends and podcasters John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson to release the latest episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast. The show is devoted to revisiting the cult-classic TV series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman in a roundtable discussion sorta fashion. Each show includes a guest host to share in the fun, and for this installment I was called up for third second stint in the extra chair.

This time, it’s the episode which I’m pretty sure was my very first exposure to Steve Austin and his bionic antics, “Little Orphan Airplane.” In this episode, Steve is sent in search of a recon plane that’s gone down in a small African country. Why? The plane’s pilot has taken incriminating photos showing evidence of United Nations treaty violations. Steve finds the plane, its pilot, and a couple of nuns who’ve been helping the pilot, and hijinks ensue as Steve attempts to repair the plane before the bad guys show up.

So, check out John and Paul in their rather boisterous revisiting of the episode, while once again bringing me along for the ride: Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast – “Little Orphan Airplane”

Thanks once again to John and Paul for inviting me over to play. It’s been a lot of fun doing these shows, and I’m due to record another episode early next month. Until then, if you have to be in motion, make it slow-motion.


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