Star Trek: Vanguard – THE END.

I’ve been remiss in my bloggerly duties. I should’ve posted this yesterday, but I got wrapped up in other stuff that was more pressing, though not nearly as cool.

Anyway, yesterday, March 27th, was the official publication date of Storming Heaven, the final novel of the Star Trek: Vanguard series conceived by editor Marco Palmieri and writer David Mack and published by Pocket Books. The seventh novel (and eighth book, overall) in the series brings to a close a story that took the better part of eight years to tell. I know I’m biased, but I think Dave did a wonderful job bringing the whole thing to a rousing conclusion.

As part of the publicity surrounding the book’s release, Dave wrote a piece for in which he discusses the series, the decision to bring it all home, and what readers can expect to find within the pages of Storming Heaven. Behold, yo: David Mack On Vanguard Finale, Storming Heaven

With the release of the book, Dave also presents various goodies from “the Vanguard Files,” including a peek behind the curtain at the series’ genesis with the “bible” he wrote as part of its development. See how things looked at the very start of it all, before he (with an occasional assist from me and Kevin Dilmore) starting mucking up everything. Star Trek: Vanguard – The Finale

Also to be found there are other treats, such as technical schematics as well as links to various interviews and podcasts with a heavy Vanguard focus. One other thing to be added very soon will be a special podcast featuring him, Marco, and me and Kevin as we discuss our work on the series.

At some point in the not-too distant future, I plan to read the whole thing all over again. For fun, this time. I’ve only ever read each book in the course of writing our installments (or reviewing Dave’s manuscripts when he sent them to us), so I’ve never had the opportunity to just sit back and read the entire series from start to finish, like…you know…a normal person.

With the final book now available, I look back at our efforts over the past several years with unabashed pride. Make no mistake: Star Trek: Vanguard was Marco and Dave’s playground; their little slice of the Star Trek universe, in which they hoped to provide added context and new appreciation for the era of the original Star Trek television series. They didn’t have to invite us over to play, but they did, much to our delight. While I’d like to think we brought a few things to the table and held up our end when it counted, the series as a whole reflects the ideas and vision developed by Marco and Dave way back in 2004. I’m pretty sure I speak for Kevin when I say we’re honored to have been part of the fun.

So, if you’re a Vanguard fan and you haven’t yet picked up Storming Heaven…what the hell are you waiting for? If you’ve not yet sampled this series, but have a love of the original Star Trek in particular, then I invite you to check out the series’ first novel, Harbinger, and take a gander at what you’ve been missing.


13 thoughts on “Star Trek: Vanguard – THE END.

  1. “read the entire series from start to finish, like…you know…a normal person.”

    Who you calling normal?!?!? I take great offense of the use of the “n” word when describing an activity I engage in….


  2. What a great series. Without a doubt the best Star Trek ever written. What an incredible movie series it would make. However have any of you given thought to a prequel? A novel on the beginnings of the Shedai and theTkon would be awesome. In it you could explore the creation of the universe and various types of beings as well as explore the age-old battle of good versus evil. What a book or two that would be! Anyway congrats on a tremendous success in Vanguard.
    Brian Myers
    Penryn California


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Brian!

      While there will be an e-Book novella coming in October that ties into the Vanguard storyline, it’s more of a “bonus” story. The series finale indeed was Storming Heaven.

      Beyond that, there are no plans to revisit any of the Vanguard characters, storylines, lore, etc. It was always intended to be a series of limited duration, and we’d like to keep it that way. We don’t want to “milk” the thing too much, after all. 🙂


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