In a fit of mischief one evening last fall while writing That Which Divides, I joked on Twitter that I was going to insert a joke about the Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork, currently sold by the awesome gang at ThinkGeek.

Naturally, somebody from that august organization, that being my buddy and brother in geekery, John Frasier, caught that idle rambling thought of mine, and we talked offline about it for a bit. I figured the reference wouldn’t make it past my editor or the good folk at CBS Licensing, but when I was given provisional clearance (as in, “Try not to go overboard…you know, for once.”), I decided to throw caution to the winds.

The result is this excerpt from a scene in the book:

Chekov hoped his forced chuckle covered the sound of clearing his throat as he held up his “personal eating utensil,” or “PEU,” as it was known in Starfleet vernacular. Essentially a spoon with the end of its scoop molded to feature a trio of fork tines, the implement was a standard equipment item issued to cadets at Starfleet Academy. Though generally used only during training missions on Earth or off-planet locations where even rudimentary dining facilities often were not provided, the “pew” was a vital component of a cadet’s field gear. “I’ve had it since the Academy,” he said, smiling at the memories the utensil evoked. “During a training mission on Andor, a fellow cadet broke three fingers on her right hand. We were in the middle of a ground combat exercise and no medical equipment was nearby, so I used this as a field-expedient splint.”

Smiling in obvious appreciation—and perhaps a small bit of amusement—M’Ress nodded. “Its titanium construction would make it quite suitable for such a purpose. Very resourceful, Ensign.”

“It was enough to immobilize her hand until help arrived,” Chekov said, holding up the pew as he finished his story. “Once the exercise was over and we were on our way back to Earth, I decided it was a sort of good luck charm, and I’ve had it ever since.”

Well, I chuckled, anyway. I figured a few others would, as well, and that’d be the end of it.


Check it:

ThinkGeek – Star Trek: That Which Divides
Oh, yeah. It's in there.(Click to Biggie Size)

For the very first time, ThinkGeek is selling a Star Trek novel on their site, in and amongst all the other cool stuff they offer. I’m so totally jazzed about this, it’s not even funny. John Frazier at ThinkGeek, as he does for a good chunk (if not the whole chunk) of everything else on the site, set up the page and wrote the copy in order to give it that distinctive TG flavah. The fact that the book happens to make mention of a TG product is, I’m certain, entirely coincidental.

So…got yours yet?

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