Texts from Last Night, Mar 10-16.

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The following may contain offensive language. Proceed at your own peril.

March 10th-11th:

(301): and that’s why he’s hiding in the taco suit

(443): So guy #2, the dancer, is programmed into my phone under the name H.uy. His number-11 digits. I should have stopped drinking.

March 12th:

(214): It was like the Ritz Carlton of jails. I got introduced to our criminal system the right way.

(703): he asked me out through an event invitation on facebook, the title read Romantic Dinner for 2

March 13th:

(508): she definitely has that “I’ll bang you, but then I’ll tell your girlfriend” look to her.

(401): The sex was so not worth the four dollars it cost to drive over the bridge.

March 14th:

(+44): swears the blind dude on this train is faking. Every day he stumbles and falls into a different girl’s lap and then has to grab her tits to steady himself.

March 15th:

(917): Just saw a guy pushing a stroller with 3 twelve packs of corona in it with a toddler struggling to keep up on foot behind him.

March 16th:

(206): What should our trivia night team be named?

(925): Define Statutory

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