Some programming reminders….

It’s been busy the last week or so, with all sorts of announcements about this or that, so it seemed right to offer a few bits of shameless whoring reminders about what’s going down here at the Manor and at other points of interest.

First, for those few of you who’ve managed to avoid mention of this (and really, kudos to you for your escape and evasion skills to this point), my new Star Trek novel That Which Divides is “officially” on sale today. Though several of my fellow Luddites have managed to secure hardcopy editions of the new tome, my brothers and sisters of the e-Book persuasion weren’t able to get it before today. They make great post-Mardi Gras presents, or St. Patrick’s Day presents, or Easter basket filler.

In the run-up to the book’s release, I’ve been doing some shameless whoring promotion for it, such as a guest blog over at, and an audio interview with Christopher Jones over at’s “Matter Stream” channel.

(And if you read Swedish, you can read another fan’s follow-up to that interview here: Dayton Ward: Kanon eller inte kanon – det är en ickefråga

Speaking of talking, my first episode as a guest host for Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast is up and available for your listening pleasure. I joined friends John Drew and Pauk Bisson to talk about the first episode of The Six Million Dollar Man weekly series, “Population: Zero.” This coming Friday, I join John and Paul for a double-header, as we record shows highlighting two more early first-season episodes, “Day of the Robot” and “Little Orphan Airplane.”

On the guest blogging front, I contributed my monthly column over at Novel Spaces, as well as a new installment of “Ten for Ward” over at And hey, let’s not forget the near-weekly idiocy that is “Ask Dayton,” my contribution to the Sunday G&T Show. So, if you can’t get enough of my yammerings here in my own house, you can see me infecting other sites, as well.

And last but not least: Next month brings with it the final installment of the Star Trek: Vanguard series, Storming Heaven by my bud David Mack. In honor of this auspicious event, Mr. Mack is holding a contest whereby three lucky folks can win a complete set of the entire series, with each volume signed by its respective author(s). Check that out here: VANGUARD CONTEST!!! W00T!!!

So, all of that should keep you busy for a bit.

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