Tweet along with Forgotten Flix: FLASH GORDON

So, whatcha doin’ on Sunday, the 19th?

If you’re hanging around the house on Sunday afternoon looking for something geeky to do, then one suggestion I can offer is to join Joel Robertson, Jason Grooms and Maggie Kruger from the Forgotten Flix website and podcast, and partake of their first-ever “Forgotten Flix Tweet-a-Long.”

What do you need? A Twitter account, access to a copy of the 1980 cult-classic, Flash Gordon, and the desire to hang with fellow geek-flick aficionados and lay down some good ol’ movie-luvin’ snark. Here, read all about it:

Forgotten Flix: The First Ever Forgotten Flix Tweet-a-Long!

All of the gory details are there at the link, but the instructions are pretty simple: Queue up your DVD, Blu-ray, streaming, VHS, Laser Disc or whatever you have copy of Flash Gordon, and Just Push Play at precisely 4pm Eastern time. Keep up with the action (and add to it) on Twitter by tracking and employing the Twitter “#TFFPFlash.” To paraphrase Hard Harry from Pump Up the Volume, “Tweet Hard!” Tweet often; tweet funny.

For me, the best part of this is that Joel hasn’t yet seen the movie (Sidebar: Dude. What the hell?). Perhaps other Flash Virgins will also join the fray. I’m not yet sure if I’m going to be available to participate, but I kinda wanna.

Tweet Hard, yo.

2 thoughts on “Tweet along with Forgotten Flix: FLASH GORDON

  1. Hi Dayton– Thanks for telling folks about the Tweet-a-Long! Oh, and to answer your question as to why I’ve never seen FLASH GORDON: It’s simply a matter of spending the first 15 years, 2 months, 6 days, 4 hours and 10 minutes of my life in a dog cage. I was positioned in front of a crappy Zenith console with a top loaded VCR and fed a stream of mainstream pap and straight-to-video schlock. And my captors, in an attempt to put an exclamation point on their cruelty would whisper into my cage, “We’re making you a movie geek, but you’ll go into the world having never seen… FLASH! AH-HAH!”

    And then they released me…

    Now, why I never saw it after I was released, well, that’s another story… and it involves a gimp costume, Alpo, and a serious case of the crabs (not the seafood).


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