So, Star Trek and Doctor Who are gonna mash up….

By now, most fans of Star Trek, Doctor Who and/or comic books have heard about IDW Publishing‘s plans to bring together the Doctor (as currently portrayed by Matt Smith) and the crew of Captain Picard’s Enterprise in a special crossover mini-series later this spring. The story was first posted by the folks at and has since propagated to the usual sites devoted to comics and/or either fandom. Here’s BleedingCool’s original posting:

BleedingCool – SCOOP: Doctor Who/Star Trek – The Official Crossover

While this will be the first officially-sanctioned crossing over of the two properties–facilitated by IDW’s current licenses to publish comics based on both shows–Trekkies and perhaps a few diehard Whovians know that there have been a few scattershot, oblique references to the Doctor in the occasional Trek novel over the years. The one I tend to remember is in an older book, My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane, in which she has a scene with Enterprise crewmembers watching a holographic story featuring what can only be Tom Baker’s Doctor, scarf and all. There also was word that producer Russell T. Davies, while working on the Doctor Who series several years ago, had explored the possibility of an on-screen crossover with Star Trek: Enterprise, which still was in production at that time.

(That might well have been insanely cool, particularly if they’d managed to pull it off with Christopher Eccelston’s version of the Doctor.)

Elsewhere? Longtime fans of either property almost certainly are aware of Jean Airey’s fanfiction story The Doctor and the Enterprise, which featured Tom Baker’s Doctor meeting up with Captain Kirk’s Enterprise. I remember reading that in the early 80s when it was published in serial form in a long-defunct fanzine. That version later was collected into a trade paperback (a copy of which I still own…nootch.), as well as a pretty shoddy knock-off version in which the names of the characters, ships, equipment and so on were renamed in the hopes of avoiding the ire of the BBC or Paramount Pictures.

After the “firestorm” of NerdRage which accompanied IDW’s plans to produce their Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes crossover, the reaction to this new project has been surprisingly tame. Don’t get me wrong; there’s the usual bleating from the usual groups of folks who complain about everything at the usual sites, but once you run that gauntlet, the negative responses to this news have been relatively sedate. There’s also a bit more in the way of apparent excitement this time around. Whether that’s due to Trekkies and Whovians having more in common than either side would care to admit, I don’t know.

As for me? While the current incarnation of the Doctor isn’t my favorite, I still think the crossover idea is fun all on its own. That said, I’m disappointed in the lack of mouth-frothing fan fits, as I tend to be greatly amused by such antics whenever something like this is announced. Ah, well.

Now, if they could just get on with revitalizing my dream Trek crossover project, I’d be happy:

Who’s with me?


11 thoughts on “So, Star Trek and Doctor Who are gonna mash up….

  1. After the “firestorm” of NerdRage which accompanied IDW’s plans to produce their Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes crossover, the reaction to this new project has been surprisingly tame.

    A couple of weeks ago, I make a cryptic Tweet, that I could sense an impending storm of Nerd Rage.

    This is what I was referring to. The pages from the March catalog had crossed my desk. However, those pages had a different cover than the one above; that looks to me to be the Joe Corroney 1-for-something retailer incentive cover.

    I’ve been surprised by the lack of Nerd Rage from Trekdom; I suppose that after Infestation and Legion of Super-Heroes the Nerd Rage has burned itself out.

    (On a tangential note, if I were IDW, I would continue pursuing crossovers. First, they’ve been among their best-selling Star Trek comics. Second, it’s something that comics can uniquely do, and that’s what Star Trek comics really need, a niche they can call their own.)

    However, there’s Nerd Rage in Whodom. One writer from Doctor Who Magazine has already blasted the project on Twitter. Gallifrey Base is filled with Debbie Downers who don’t want Star Trek to sully their beloved Doctor Who.

    I know I’ll be excited when the first issue is in my hands, I’ll enjoy reading this, but I don’t have the same anticipation I had for Legion of Super-Heroes. Maybe it’s because I’ve read The Doctor and the Enterprise and some other crossover fanfic. Maybe it’s because the creative team doesn’t excite me to the same degree as Roberson and the Moys on Legion.

    All of that said. I’m still amazed that this happened. And I can’t wait to see what the next Star Trek crossover is. IDW does have the TMNT license, so your dream could happen, but I think I’d like to see the Enterprise pay a visit to Cybertron…


    1. I don’t follow Doctor Who boards, so it’s nice to know those fans are picking up the Trekkie slack. 😀

      I also tend not to count the Infestation bit as a true crossover, since Trek in particular kept its story pretty self-contained. I wouldn’t mind seeing more such projects, if they were handled the way the Trek/Legion story has gone. I have no shame in admitting this one’s been a lot of fun.

      And while I was joking about Trek/TMNT, I’d love to see the reaction to something like THAT being announced. 😀


    1. I don’t particuarly go for just any crossover. The Trek/Legion one has been done the “right” way, with all involved having fun with the concept. I wouldn’t want to see that every month, but once in a while is okay.

      Now, something like Trek and Alien or Predator would be kinda cool…. 😉


      1. Was it yours or another DS9-R novel that had Taranatar fighting a Xenomorph in a holosuite? I remember the description implied it was an Alien from the series, and I thought that was cool.

        I *would* actually love to see one of the crews (*cough*Titan*cough*) encounter creatures like the one in Aliens… a sci-fi horror story against an unrelenting, deadly creature like that would be awesome.

        I should probably check out the Trek / Legion crossover.


        1. It was in Andy Mangels and Mike Martin’s Cathedral that had Taran’atar fighting a Xenomorph.

          I’ve had some ideas for a Trek/Predator crossover. TNG or DS9-based. The basic concept I’d worked out was this…

          After the Khitomer massacre but before the Federation ship arrived with Worf’s adoptive father (the Intrepid, maybe?), a Predator arrives on Khitomer and starts wiping out the survivors. But he leaves Worf alive, and then many years later Worf crosses paths with the Predator and decides to get even.

          And, yes, Julio, you should definitely check out the Trek/Legion crossover. It’s not the most original thing in the world (it’s reminiscent of a number of stories), but it’s done with a lot of love and a lot of fun.


        2. Thanks Allyn. Not gonna’ lie, that Worf / Predator idea sounds sweet.

          And regarding the Legion / Trek crossover, it brings up the inevitable question of “ZOMG what Legion is this? PreBoot, 3Boot, Post-Zero Hour, Pre-DCnU, or Earth-248???!!?” 😉


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