The SciFi Diner serves up some leftover…me.

Recently, my friends Scott Hertzog and Miles McLoughlin over at the SciFi Diner have been dusting off some of their older interviews and reposting them for listeners new to the podcast. Rather than simply linking folks to the original episode in which an interview is featured, they’ve decided to offer the interview segments as standalone episodes. Using this approach, new listeners now don’t have to listen to each episode’s regular news segments, which obviously become quite dated after a while.

Episode #9 in this “Classic Series” features little old me! This interview is actually my first with Scott and Miles, originally recorded and published back in October 2009. It would be the first of my several visits to their podcast, and as such it serves as my intro to the Diner’s denizens. During the interview, we talk about my (then) current projects as well as how I got my start, what I think of various genre TV shows and movies which were airing, in theaters, or on DVD at that time, and so on. Check it:

SciFi Diner Podcast Classic Episode 9 – Our Interview with Author Dayton Ward

Not exactly unearthed from the depths of some lost era, but still tasty enough…you know, for leftovers.

Lay it on me.

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