70 years ago today….

December 7th, 1941.

More than 60,000 service men and women were serving in Hawaii at the time of the attack. More than 2,400 were lost on the 7th, with nearly 1,300 more wounded. As of today, the number of survivors still living is believed to be approximately 2,700. The attack was a turning point in United States history on several levels, but today is not about any of that.

Today, we remember those lost on that fateful Sunday morning.

For those interested, MSNBC has posted a photo blog featuring aerial and satellite imagery which contrasts Pearl Harbor–specifically, “Battleship Row”–as it appeared after the attack, and how it looks today: MSNBC: Pearl Harbor from Above, 1941-2011.

Also featured on the page are links to other articles and features about the attack as well as conversations and retrospectives with survivors.

We remember.

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