The Roast of Bob Greenberger…now on DVD!

So, looking for something to watch? Netflix queue throttled back? Streaming not working? Well, hey! Have we got a deal for you:

As the title implies, we’ve held a comedy roast each of the past three years at the annual Shore Leave convention in Baltimore. Proceeds raised by donations during the roast are given to the American Red Cross, the con’s official charity. 2009 saw us tear into friend and fellow author Keith R.A. DeCandido, while last year’s target was the gracious and willing Michael Jan Friedman.

Now, you can join authors and regular Shore Leave guests Mike Friedman, Marco Palmieri, David Alan Mack, me and Kevin Dilmore, Keith DeCandido, and Peter David, as well as Bob’s own daughter, Kate Greenberger, along with your master of ceremonies, Alan “Sizzler” Kistler as we verbally skewer our pal and one of the truly nice guys, Bobby G. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dave Mack and his merry band of elves behind the scenes, you can have your very own copy of this 88-minute testament to doing away with author guests at Shore Leave….or, at least, the ones listed here.

(For my money, Kate is the highlight of the show. What a wonderful talent, that lady is.)

Unlike the first two years, things were changed up a bit for this go-around, with the format of the roast being revised to a “PG-13” rating rather than the very, very hard “R” rating we previously employed. Doesn’t mean we’re any more or less funny than those other times. I mean…it’s us, for crying out loud.

Proceeds from sales of the DVD will benefit the American Red Cross.

Check out all you need to know by visiting Dave Mack’s website: DVD: The Roast of Robert Greenberger

And once again, I salute Dave and his lovely wife, Kara, for shouldering the burden of producing and directing the roast as well as handling the numerous logistical hurdles the event presented. Despite our best efforts to dick up everything we touched or even gazed upon, they put on a hell of a show.


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