Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History, by Bob Greenberger.

Over the weekend, my friend and one of my very favorite people, Bob Greenberger, announced a new project for which he’d been contracted: writing Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History, to be published in October 2012 by Voyageur Press.

Check out Bob’s announcement on his blog here: Boldly Going

According to Bob, the new book will tackle the not insignificant task of “tracing not only the TV series but the movies, the spinoffs, the merchandise and most importantly, the fan following that kept the dream alive.” Mindful of the attention paid to the entire franchise in general and the original series in particular with such recent books as Star Trek 365 and Star Trek Vault, Bob is endeavoring to put a new spin on things which might already be known, especially to the hardcore fans. In Bob’s own words: “I’m very excited about the book because it means I get to interview colleagues, friends, and people whose work I have admired. I get to sift through the twice-told tales of how things happened and try to find the truth. And I get to shine a deserving spotlight on the fans, the conventions, and the fanzines that kept interest in the show active while Paramount dithered.”

You’ve got your hands full, bro. Good luck!

As happy as I am for my bud, one thing I didn’t expect to be able to announce was that Bob also has enlisted the assistance of friends and writing colleagues to give him a hand. His plan is to populate the book with a host of sidebar “mini essays” from numerous people, including friends and fellow word slingers Scott Pearson, Steve Roby and one of my other very favorite people, Howard Weinstein, to name just the ones I know about. Oh, and he also asked me to contribute a piece highlighting Star Trek fans who, due to one reason or another, have found a way to contribute professionally to some aspect of the franchise. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that such sidebars would not be credited, but now that I go back and read Bob’s original e-Mail, he never said any such thing, and besides…he’s already spilled the beans, himself, so I’m off the hook.

Unfortunately for you, Bob is on a very, very short list of people to whom I can’t say “No” when they come calling. All kidding aside, I’m thrilled and honored to help him out in this way. I’ll be working on my contribution during the next couple of weeks, with a due date to him on November 15th.

So, congratulations to Bob for landing such a sweet gig. Voyageur Press tapped the perfect person and writer to handle such a project. I can’t wait to see the finished product this time next year…just in time for Christmas shopping!


22 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History, by Bob Greenberger.

  1. Sounds like the start of an epic and very cool project… I may not be familiar with some of the attached names, but I’m sure by the release I’ll see quite a few I recognize and admire who have contributed to not just a great show or handful of series and films, not just a marketable franchise, but one involving so many visionaries and technically or literary gifted and entertaining folks. If moolah permits, I shall have it. 😀


  2. @Johnny: Scott has written Trek fiction for Pocket as well as material for Star Trek Magazine. He’s also an editor himself, working for Zenith Press up in Minnesota. Steve Roby is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to tie-in novels and other related books, not just for Star Trek but also just about any media franchise you’d care to name. And if you don’t know who Howie is, then we may just have to send some folks over to your place to bust your kneecaps.

    @Steve: Congrats, dude! I look forward to reading your piece. 🙂


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